Sample Truth in Lending Disclosures and Loan Schedule*****


  • Note: Assumes a 6 month, fully-amortizing installment loan with equal bi-weekly payments consisting of principal pay down and interest. Payments for weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payment plans will differ. Must meet ability to pay, minimum income, and suitability requirements.
  • * Total all-inclusive fee / cost of credit if loan is fully paid off after 2 payments (28 - 31 days). In order to move up to the next RadiantClub discount level, you must pay the minimum 1 month interest fee or make the first two normally scheduled bi-weekly payments (1 if paid monthly) which includes these interest fees before paying off the loan. If you payoff the loan before, your next loan's rate will be at the same APR (same RadiantClub level) as the prior loan.
  • ** As a percentage of the principal balance, this is the total % of the principal (borrowed amount) in fees you will have paid after two payments.
  • *** APR is the annual percentage rate as shown for Truth in Lending Purposes (TILA). If the loan were to be kept outstanding for the full year, this would be the annualized rate if compared to a mortgage or auto-loan. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND KEEPING THIS LOAN OUTSTANDING PAST 30 DAYS. Radiant Cash installment loans are meant to cover unexpected emergencies. Please pay off the principal amount at your earliest convenience to save on finance fees.
  • **** Discount rate is based off of 690% initial APR.
  • ***** Sample loan only - individual rates, dates, and payment amounts may vary.