RadiantCash and Lac Du Flambeau Band of Chippewa Indians

RadiantCash Loans are offered by Ishwaaswi, LLC dba RadiantCash.
Ishwaaswi, LLC is a Native American owned business created by and for the Lac Du Flambeau Band of Chippewa Indians, a Federally Chartered Sovereign American Indian tribe.
RadiantCash is licensed by the Lac Du Flambeau Tribal Consumer Financial Services Regulatory Authority and this loan is regulated by such Authority.
The Tribe enjoys governmental sovereign immunity and has the same powers as a State under the U.S. Constitution.
LDF's Business Development Committee and Regulatory Authority govern lending activities and make sure all applicable Federal Laws are adhered to. The agencies also adhere to fair and prompt resolution of any disputes or misunderstandings that arise.
RadiantCash is operated on the Lac Du Flambeau reservation located in Wisconsin.
RadiantCash provides significant employment opportunities to Native American communities. RadiantCash employs over 40 hard working Native American individuals on Federally Recognized Indian Reservations in Wisconsin and South Dakota. RadiantCash provides training in soft-skills such as sales, organization and management as well as in technical skills such as loan management systems, loan accounting, servicing, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Many of RadiantCash's employees are college educated and go on to build incredibly successful careers.
Our license can be viewed at the Compliance section of the RadiantCash website.
RadiantCash follows over 18 Federal laws related to consumer lending.
The Band has inhabited the Lac du Flambeau area since 1745 when Chief Keeshkemun led the Band to the area. The Band acquired the name Lac du Flambeau from its gathering practice of harvesting fish at night by torchlight. The name Lac du Flambeau, or Lake of the Torches, refers to this practice and was given to the Band by the French traders and trappers who visited the area.
The Lac du Flambeau Reservation was officially established by treaties in 1837 and 1842. The area was continually logged in the following years and became a tourist destination for families from southern Wisconsin and Illinois around the turn of the century.
The Lac du Flambeau Reservation has 260 lakes, 65 miles of streams, lakes and rivers, and 24,000 acres of wetlands.

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